Art and Culture

In the Tena Valley include large houses with solid stone walls and steep slate roofs, highlighting the impressive facade carved in stone covers and shields.

Medieval bridges, along with Romanesque arches are other architectural features of this valley .
In Sabiñánigo worth visiting the " Angel Orensanz Museum of Popular Arts Serrablo " wide ethnological sample, and within walking distance of the Museum Larrés drawing, unique of its kind in Spain.

Serrablo route is formed by a group of 14 churches unique in the world of art with its own peculiarities that give them great uniqueness .
All of them are located on the left of the river Gallego: Lárrede, Isún, Satué, San Juan de Busa, Oliván, San Bartolome Gavin .... Chronologically, must date them between mid-tenth century and the mid-eleventh century.
Nearby are advised to visit the Cathedral of Jaca, XI century Romanesque building, the diocesan museum houses an extensive collection of Romanesque and Gothic paintings, as well as the Romanesque monastery of San Juan de la Peña, excavated rock and declared a National Monument in 1889. would be a must in the serosa Santa Cruz , medieval village structure with a eleventh century monastery and the church of San Caprasius excellent example of Lombard architecture.