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Biosphere Reserve Ordesa-Viñamala

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The Biosphere Reserve Ordesa Viñamala is one of the two first biosphere reserves declared in Spain and is one of the best mountain ecosystem representations in the Pyrenees, specifically about erosion formations and glaciers, just like particular vegetal species.

It houses unique vegetal and animal species from all the regions or the world, lots of them under threat, so its preservation is essential for the biological diversity.

It was declared by the UNESCO in 1977 and had at first 51.396 hectares. It took up the areas of the old Hunting National Reserve and Ordesa National Park before its extension in 1982.

In May 2013 it is expanded till reaching the 117.364 hectares. It is now extended to the municipalities of Biescas, Hoz de Jaca, Panticosa, Sallent de Gállego and Yésero, in Alto Gallego region, and Bielsa, Broto, Fanlo, Puértolas-Escalona, Tella-Sin and Torla in Sobrarbe region.

The objective of the Biosphere Reserves is to match the biological and cultural diversity with the economic and social development through the relationships between the people and the nature.

There exist different areas ecologically representative where humans and conservation activities are essentials.

All the Biosphere Reserves form a Global Net as places that show effective answers to the new challenges for example, the loss of traditional knowledge, biological and cultural diversity, demography, arable lands loss, climate change and sustainable development.

These reserves are also places where we can study the sustainable development and have to achieve three basic functions:

– Biodiversity and ecosystemss conservation

– Local settlements development

– Logistics to support the investigation, training and communication

In order to observe if these functions are being accomplished, the reserves must have three different areas:

– One or various “zona núcleo”, whose main function is the preservation.

– One or various “zona tampon” that soften the effects of the human actions in the “zonas núcleo”.

– A transition area where sustainable economic activities could be promoted in order to benefit the socioeconomic development in the local settlements.

Even if the functions are different from one area to the other, all of them have to contribute to accomplish all the functions of the reserve.


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More information about the reserve: www.reservabiosferaordesavinamala.com