• Biescas -Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena
  • Biescas -Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena
  • Biescas -Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena
  • Biescas -Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena


Biescas is a town located in a glaciated valley which is now fluvial and it has grown out on both banks of the Gállego river, leading to two well defined neighbourhoods. El Salvador on the left bank and San Pedro on the right, each having its own church which gives the neighbourhood its name.

The municipal area of Biescas extends up to the Gavín Valley to Gavín Village, and to Sobremonte and the villages of Aso, Yosa, and Betes, to the Tierra de Biescas including Orós Alto, Orós Bajo, Oliván, Escuer and Biescas together with Barbenuta, Espierre, Javierre de Obispo and Piedrafita de Jacain the alpine area of the valley.  Some have lost their town councils and have amalgamated with the main town.

Biescas has always enjoyed a privileged geographical location at the crossroads of Roman paths and  Royal Paths where there was only one bridge to cross the river to get to the Tena and Ara Valleys.  In fact Biescas wasn't part of the Tena Valley but now it plays a key role in its tourism.

From agricultural and craftwork origins of bygone days, Biescas has gradually become an attractive hub for sports and leisure activities. The services provided here together with the beautiful surroundings allow both locals and visitors to enjoy the area all year round.

Viewing points: Gállego River Viewing Point, San Salvador Viewing point at the church.

Sport and Leisure Facilities:  Swimming Pool (for adults and kids), tennis, fronton, football field, sports centre, gym, climbing wall, playground, and Multi Adventure Park among the trees.

Most Popular Excursions and Walks:  Witches Hut, , Señoritas de Aras, Arratiecho Park, Gavín Village and Orós Alto.

Architecture Route: San Salvador Church, St. Elena Hermitage 18thC St. Pedro church, Torraza de Acín 16thC and museum.  The Serrablo Romanesque churches route. Houses, stone cut shields and more.

Local Festivals and shows:  On Pentecost Sunday and on the 13th of June the festival of San Antonio there are a pilgrimages to Santa Elena from all surrounding villages. The festival in honour of the Virgin is on the 15th of August and continues for a few days.