• Hoz de Jaca -Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena
  • Hoz de Jaca -Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena

Hoz de Jaca

Perched high above the Búbal reservoir at 1,272 metres  is Hoz de Jaca with its spectacular viewing point suspended over the water.

Hoz De Jaca itself is like a viewing point.  It's an excellent starting point for many high mountain walks and excursions.  One of its main attractions is the Tirolina Valle De Tena, the longest double zip wire in Europe that was inaugurated in 2016.  The walk from Hoz to Panticosa through Fratacoz is both easy and beautiful as is the route to El Pueyo through Aliana and more demanding is the hike up to Sabocos lake.

You can get to Hoz through El Pueyo de Jaca or over the dam at Búbal.

Interesting things to see her include the parish church of Santos Reyes from the 17th and 18thC consisting of a nave with a flat top and barrel vaults with sky lights. As mentioned before the viewing point gives a dizzying view of the valley.

Most popular walks and excursions:  Panticosa and El Pueyo (by Frazacor) the Santa Elena Hermitage, Biescas, Asnos and Sabocos Lakes.

Viewing point: Views over the Búbal Lake

Architecture Route:  Santos Reyes and San Lorenzo Church 17th-18thC , council building. Cotonas path bridge, Houses patios, shields portals and more.

Local Festival:  St. Lorenzo 10th August (goes on for a few days)