• Sabiñanigo - Alto Gállego- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena


This is the biggest and the main town in the Alto Gállego area.  It lies at an altitude of 698 metres and has a long industrial tradition in chemical, metal and pharmaceutical industries.  Having said that Sabiñánigo is also proud of keeping its cultural and historical heritage alive.

Testament to this are its museums: The Angel Orensanz Museum and the Artes de Serrablo which collects material and artefacts from all over the Pyrenees and is a venue for curtural events.  There is also Museum / Gallery of drawings called Julío Gavín – Castillo de Larrés in a restored castle from the middle ages and has a collection of over 2,000 works from artists such as Pablo Serrano, José Guerrero, Zuloaga, and Dalí among others.

The Serrablo churches are also nearby and well worth visiting.

Sabiñánigo is a town that celebrates industry and culture and is a good base to see and enjoy the Pyrenees with outdoor fun and adventure.

Sport and Leisure Facilities:  Heated swimming pool, summer outdoor pool (adults and kids), fronton, tennis, climbing wall, rafting, football fields, sports centres, athletics grounds and playgrounds.

Most Popular walks and excursions:  To Cartirana village, to Rapún, to Sabiñánigo Alto, to Sardas and to Yebra-Monte de Santa Orosia.

Architecture and Museum Route: church of Santa María 10thC, Ángel Orensanz Museum, the Serrablo Romanesque churches, Larrés Castle.

Local Festivals and events:  25th of July the feast of Santiago lasts 4-5 days.  The Quebrantahuesos cycling races take place at the end of June.