• Sallent de Gállego- Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena
  • Sallent de Gállego- Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena
  • Sallent de Gállego- Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena
  • Sallent de Gállego- Tena Valley- Pyrenees - Valle de Tena

Sallent de Gallego

This traditional and typical little mountain village is at the head of the valley, standing a a height of 1,305 metres below the spectacular and emblematic peña Foratata and on the shore of Lanuza reservoir.

It is the main village of the municipality that also includes Formigal, Lanuza and the Portalet and the local entities of Escarrilla, Tramacastilla and Sandiniés.  

Historically it was joined to Lanuza in an association called the Quiñon de Sallent which acted as administrator in the valley.

Sallent enjoys quite exceptional views of peaks, forests and lakes from its quaint cobble-stoned streets.

Climb the narrow streets to see the lovely parish church which is Gothic style and dates back to the start of the 16th century and has a remarkable Renaissance retable. The medieval bridge is also worth a visit providing a beautiful setting for the playground and picnic area.  Stroll around and see traditional doors, windows and heraldic insignias.  In the main square the Romanesque triple arch contrasts with the modern climbing wall.

It offers a wide range of alternatives to enjoy mountian sports and adventure activities such us hiking, climbing, canyoning... Walks through lakes and waterfalls, bird watching, mushrooms collecting, nice landscapes to relax and enjoy the nature, taste the local gastronomy and discover the pyrenean history and popular legends.

Nature and Wildlife: There is a wide range of native species.  In this area there are over 40 types of mammals, 125 breeds of birds  (within the Viñamala bird sanctuary) and 35 types of orchids among them the extremely rare Zapatito de Dama (Lady's Slipper) which is included in the Aragon catalogue of species at risk of extinction.

Each spring we can enjoy the beauty of the forests and fields, a natural colourful show. 


Multipurpose pavilion, used for sports activities, educational and cultural events, swimming pool, tennis courts, fronton, climbing wall, parks, picnic areas and more…

The Aguas Limpias Spa is the perfect way for visitors to relax after long walks, there is a wide variety of gushing water outlets and bubbles to make you feel renewed.


There are many excursions and walks from Sallent de Gállego, signed walks to get to the top of the mountains or just to enjoy walking with children over the simple paths:

The most popular ones are:

- Mirador de San Mamés: 15 minutes

- Cascada de El Salto: 30 minutes

- Camino Natural del Embalse de Lanuza: 45 minutes

Longer ones:

- GR-11 Ibón de Respomuso

- GR-11 La Sarra-Llano Cheto

- GR-11 Formigal

- PR.HU.92 Lanuza y Panticosa

- PR.HU.91 Pacino

The GR-11, the Pyrenean track passes throug Sallent: 

- Sallent - Canfranc (Canal Roya): 6 horas

- Sallent - Canfranc (Canal de Izas): 5 horas 45 minutos

- Sallent - Balneario de Panticosa: 8 horas

The walks to the top of the highest mountains start in Respomuso Refugee:

- Respomuso - Balaitús: 4 hours

- Respomuso - Gran Facha: 3 hours 30 minutes


Church of the Assumption and its retable 16th C. medieaval  bridge 16th C., edieval triple arch Mendidero (old meeting point), shields, antique doors and windows.


During the second fortnight of July the International Festival of Cultures takes place,  called “Pirineos Sur” an event all world music lovers should mark in their diary.

5th of August Festival of The Virgin of Snow (continues for a few days)
10th of September Livestock Fair
14th and 15 September The Exaltation of St. Cruz